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Blog December 19

The temperature seems to have shot down just as quickly as the children’s anticipation for the jolly ol’ saint nick has shot up!  We no longer ask ‘if’ it will snow.  The calendar and the smell in the air tells us we need only ask ‘when?’  Here we are, Maine in the winter.  My heart softens when I see an elder struggling to get around in this savage season.  The aches must surely be an immense burden.  Somehow though they muster a smile and a kind word.  Note to self:  it would do one good to attempt to emulate them!  

I must say my heart was warmed this afternoon by a cheery group who stopped by my office carrying a box filled with globes of goodness:  grapefruit and oranges!  The hues of orange and yellow were welcome relief to the gray lingering overhead.  What a lovely gesture!  Truly, the spirit of giving is a beautiful thing to experience.  And, now…to pay it forward without expecting a pittance in return! 

When I think about it, I see that spirit of giving around Parkview a lot.  Not just at Christmas.  Every day.  The difference, as far as I can tell, is that folks here really want to do the right thing.  They really understand the influence they can have on a patient’s life.  That by taking on someone else’s burden, by listening to someone’s tale of woe, by treating their aches and pains, they are embodying the true spirit of giving.


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