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A Grateful Family Member

Posted Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

One day last August I was enjoying lunch in the cafeteria with several staff members. At one moment I incidentally mentioned that I was feeling a little soreness in my chest. One member quickly and firmly insisted that I report to the Emergency Room to have it checked out. Although it seemed to me that was not necessary, the tone and persistence of the suggestion could not be ignored. In a matter of minutes I was lying on a bed in the E.R. and within the hour the doctor approached me and pointed to the x-ray where a cancer tumor was clearly visible. My reaction at that moment was vague. It was several hours later that I fully comprehended the seriousness of the cancer, and decided to deal with it bravely. The detailed, lengthy, and expansive preparation went forward and on September 29th the surgeon cut in deeply and widely and removed half of my left lung, which shielded the cancer. Healing proceeded miraculously well and several weeks later began the radiation treatments, which distracted me considerably. As we all know the effects of radiation can be discomforting. Almost daily, good folks would ask me how I was feeling and my only response was “exhausted.” I must have uttered the word 100 times per week. Gradually, I began to feel better. During this entire period I was so very fortunate to have dozens of staff members show and express genuine concern for my well being. Here are some examples: several visited me at the hospital and at home; transportation back and forth to Portland, Scarborough, Bath, and to the grocery store was provided without my asking. (It would have been a feast for taxi companies.) The hospital administration sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which uplifted my spirits enormously. At home, I received a multitude of “get well” cards, there were 71 and many contained several signatures. The messages were personal and moving. Finally, I’m not certain I deserved such profound attention. All I can say is that I was deeply stirred by the genuine affection from all which, made my recovery more easily manageable.

I take this space and this moment to immensely thank all of you who joined and hastened my recovery. You have become my Parkview family.

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