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Parkview Pediatrician Underscores Importance of Vaccines on Channel 6, WCSH

Posted Friday, July 27th, 2012

Watch the video below or read the article here: Whooping Cough on the rise in Maine 

The State of Maine, like much of the country, is experiencing a higher than normal rate
of pertussis cases, also known as whooping cough. On Thursday, July 26th, Dr. Larry
Losey, Chief of Pediatrics at Parkview Adventist Medical Center, was interviewed by
WCSH News Reporter Vivien Leigh about the importance of vaccinating children against

Dr. Larry Losey

Dr. Losey told Leigh the most critical time to vaccinate children is when they are
babies, as their small bodies have difficulty fighting off the illness. Whooping cough is
identified by a trademark cough that grows worse over time and can last 6-10 weeks.
Losey says young babies are susceptible because the cough can be so intense, they may
not be able to catch their breath. Antiobiotics taken early in the illness can lessen the

The majority of cases have occurred in school aged children and teenagers. The upper
respiratory illness is highly contagious. Dr. Losey says anyone taking care of young
children should get a whooping cough booster shot.

Dr. Losey: Named Maine’s “Childhood Immunization Champion” for 2012 by

In Spring, 2012, the Centers for Disease Control honored 39 Physicians around the
US as “CDC Childhood Inmmunization Champions”. Dr. Losey was the ONLY
Maine Physician to receive this honor. Dr. Losey was cited for his tireless drive and
passion in pushing for lawmakers to ensure that every Maine child will receive full

In the late 1990s, when Maine’s funding for childhood immunization was in jeopardy,
Dr. Larry Losey, Chief of Pediatrics at Parkview Adventist Medical Center in Brunswick,
Maine, drew upon his prior experience working in private health insurance to create
and spearhead a unique funding mechanism to bridge the funding gap so that Maine’s
children could continue to receive recommended vaccines. For seven years, he diligently
led this effort that brought together the private and public sectors. In 2008, Dr. Losey
received the “Director’s Award, Maine Immunization Program” for this and his other
dedicated efforts.

Dr. Losey has also worked to reach and educate more Americans about the importance
of childhood immunization. He has written newspaper articles to promote immunization
nationwide, and he helped launch the “Medical Minutes” radio program, which airs on
several top stations in Portland, ME. Dr. Losey’s segments on childhood immunizations
not only raise awareness among listeners in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, they
also reach immunization-averse populations.

As a result of his dedication to the childhood immunization cause, Dr. Losey was
nominated by the governor to sit on the Maine Vaccine Board, the formation of which

was the first step toward creating a sustainable, universal, childhood immunization
system for the state.

For the extraordinary measures Dr. Losey has taken over 30+ years to ensure that every
child in Maine, from birth to age two, is protected from vaccine-preventable diseases,
CDC is proud to name him a Childhood Immunization Champion.


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