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Roland J. Bouchard

Posted Monday, August 27th, 2012

It is with great sadness that I share with you the following news:
Roland J. Bouchard, our dear friend and member of the Parkview
family, passed away today at 12:19pm from complications due
to lung cancer.  

Roland wasn’t just our friend, he was a devoted volunteer and expert
grammarian who could challenge the best of us to write better, speak
better and always carry a smile on our faces.  To say that Roland was
one of a kind is an egregious understatement.    No one here at Parkview,
it seems, was exempt from Roland’s expectation for excellence, nor his
unbridled charm.  When there was a need, just about any need for the
service of a volunteer, Roland was the first to show up and often the last
to leave.  His commitment to Parkview, and that includes each and every
individual here at the hospital, was unparalleled.  It can not be overstated
that Roland truly considered Parkview, this hospital, his home filled with
members of his precious family.  He could not walk down the hallways,
any hallway here, without stopping and talking with our staff and employees….
you and me.  He always had a joke or a kind word that he’d share, ALWAYS
with a twinkle in his eye!  

Roland will be sorely missed around here;  but he won’t ever be forgotten.
Three weeks ago we threw Roland a “We Love You, Roland” party, and boy,
did he light up at that!  It was a surprise and I do believe I caught a tear rolling
down Roland’s cheek.  He loved each and every minute of the attention, the
love, the hugs…did I mention the hugs?  Roland was in his glory.  We have
beautiful photos from that party to add to the photo album we gave him.  Many
of you signed a book of memories;  for those who didn’t get the chance, we will
make sure you can when we set up a table out in the hall sometime next week.  

A very special THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helped care for, pray for,
or visit with Roland, particularly the past couple of weeks.  I cannot tell you how important
that was to him.  He absolutely FELT the love.  But, an ENORMOUS
thank you goes out to Bob Murphy…Nurse Bob in the ED.  Like he has been for the
past two years of Roland’s deteriorating health, Bob was with Roland today when
he left this world.  Bob has been an amazing friend.  The ULTIMATE friend to Roland.
So be sure to give Bob a hug or a pat on the back when you see him.  We are indeed
a family here at Parkview and we need to continue to rally behind one another and carry
on in the tradition of the inimitable Roland J. Bouchard:  try our best with a smile on our

We love you, Roland and hope to see you again!    

Tory Ryden
Director Community Relations/Marketing
Parkview Adventist Medical Center
329 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine 04011
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