Parkview Adventist Medical Center – Hospital in Brunswick, Maine


Parkview has a modern, efficient hospital laboratory serving the Midcoast area and beyond, including doctor’s offices and outpatient services. Our outpatients will find friendly, compassionate and experienced personnel when visiting our lab drawing area. Our laboratory offers a wide range of clinical/anatomical, on-site testing and has the capability to send any test that your physician orders to an extensive reference laboratory network.  Some of our most common outpatient tests include: complete blood counts, metabolic profiles, lipid profiles and thyroid.

We offer around-the-clock coverage with a variety of general, clinical laboratory tests. Any special tests not offered by us will be sent to referred laboratories.

We offer:
~ 24/7 clinical laboratory services
~ Full range of basic surgical pathology, cytopathology and other off- site services
~ Hematology: CBC, platelet count, blood film review, body fluid cell counts
~ Coagulation: PT, INR, PTT, D-Dimer, fibrinogen
~ General Chemistry Testing
~ Cardiac Testing: CKMB, Troponin, BNP
~ Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Testing
~ Thyroid Testing: PSA, HCG, FE, TIBC
~ General Blood Bank testing: ABO/Rh, Direct Antibody Testing (DAT), Antibody Screen, Blood typing, and Cross Matching for Blood Transfusions (T&S,/T&C)
~ Transfusion Services: PACKED RED CELLS, FRESH FROZEN PLASMA, Platelets
~ Microbiology: Routine C&S, AG screen for parasites and C. difficile

Always remember to check in with registration at the front of the hospital before you go into Diagnostic Imaging/lab.

Hours: Monday – Thursday 7AM – 8PM  and Friday 7AM-4PM
**Phlebotomy Service available at the patient’s convenience. Walk-in service accepted AFTER HOURS.

If you have any questions, please call 207.373.2371 24 hours a day.

The Parkview Laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and performs a full range of anatomic and clinical patholog services on site. The laboratory has the capacity to send any test that your physician orders through an extensive reference laboratory network.

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