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Wellness—Total Health and Well Being for Life

Keeping well at Parkview

Wellness means being free from disease or injury and living in a state of total health and well being, including one’s body, mind and spirit.

Our Wellness Department offers a wide range of preventative and educational health programs including our life changing 10-day reconditioning program, Lifestyle Choices, Living with Diabetes, Business and Executive Health Assessments and a host of other individualized disease prevention services.

We work closely with physicians and providers of Parkview Adventist Medical Center to help patients get well and stay well. We help people decrease their risks for both chronic and acute conditions to keep them out of the hospital in the future.

Learn more about our programs:

Lifestyle Choices, a program for living well—make a positive change in your life.

Living with Diabetes—manage your diabetes to live a happier healthier life.

Business Health Program—lower your healthcare costs with healthier employees.  Our assessment is quick, easy and the most comprehensive in Maine.

Dan McWilliams and JasmineIncorporate wellness into your life today!  There are more community classes and programs, and most are free!  For more information, call us at 207.373.2162.

At Parkview’s Wellness Department our program is guided by eight simple principles of healthy living: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust.

The Eight Principles of Healthy Living (NEW START)

Nutrition : A healthy diet is an essential tool in the prevention and treatment of disease.  Parkview generally promotes a diet rich in unprocessed plant foods that are high in fiber.

Exercise : Exercise not only increases strength, but it can boost the immune system, ward off disease and disability and help improve mental health.  Useful labor is one of the best exercises.

Water : The NIH-funded Adventist Health Study showed that drinking at least five glasses of water each day can help reduce one’s risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke by as much as 50%.  Not only does it help to reduce the risk of these killers, but it helps to rid our bodies of toxins and other undesirables.

Sunlight : Plants and animals benefit from the sun.  It provides the best source of vitamin D, and is suggested to improve metabolism and hormonal balance.  In addition, sunlight helps to prevent depression and seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD.  It is not recommended that one stay in the sun so long that they get burned.

Temperance : Remember the old adage; too much of a good thing isn’t good?  Taking everything in moderation is considered one of the keys to true wellness and healthy living.

Air : A breath of pure, fresh air is a very important element for optimal health.

Rest : The human body needs adequate rest to function properly and restore itself.  Without adequate amounts of quality rest, our bodies begin to break down. Rest does not only mean sleep; it also means time away from the worries and cares of day-to-day life.  For Adventists, this generally refers to the Sabbath.

Trust in Divine Power : Many people are aware of a Creative Power beyond themselves.  This is evident to them by observation of the natural world in which we live.  Studies show the positive benefits of prayer on the outcomes of medical and surgical treatment.  Population studies have shown the value of trust in Divine Power in its effects upon social and health experience.  For optimal health, this factor is a harmonious component of a healthy lifestyle.

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