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Business Health Programs

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Do you have high healthcare costs?

In-house corporate Wellness Programs can be very costly and time consuming.  Our Business Health Program is easy, effective and affordable.  Let us help you protect the health of your business by identifying major health related risk factors and designing custom programs to reduce those risks.  This can lead to reduced lost time due to illness or injury and increased productivity.

We help you reign in healthcare-related costs by:

-Identifying major employee health risk factors

-Designing programs to reduce employee health risks

-Reducing lost time due to illness or injury

-Increasing productivity

-Reigning in healthcare related costs

The first step is to identify individual risk and status.  Performing confidential individual health risk appraisals allows for company-wide data.  The most effective health risk appraisal is to combine clinical data with an extensive questionnaire.  Parkview calls this appraisal the Personal Wellness Profile or PWP.


Parkview’s Executive Health Assessment

Executives are busy and often take little time to evaluate their health. That’s why Parkview Adventist Medical Center has developed an Executive Health Assessment program that is comprehensive and easy. Call (207) 373-2162 for an appointment.

Your assessment includes:

  • Complete physical exam
  • EKG, Treadmill, Pulmonary Function testing, etc.
  • In-depth blood evaluation
  • Gender and age specific screenings
  • Eye and hearing exams
  • Fitness evaluation
  • Bone density testing
  • Pharmacology consultation
  • Personal Wellness Profile
  • Symptom specific testing


Why Choose Parkview for your assessment?

  • Most convenient and comprehensive executive health assessment in Maine.
  • Respect for your time constraints.
  • Emphasizes lifestyle medicine – a unique approach to help you achieve your health and personal goals.


The Personal Wellness Profile (PWP) is a comprehensive health risk appraisal that assesses the various risks for chronic and acute disease.  Individuals are given a 75-question questionnaire to complete.

Additional questions can be added if there are company-specific concerns.  A blood test is performed to check total cholesterol, HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol), triglycerides (a building block of fat), and blood sugar levels.  The blood test is performed while the client has fasted for 12 to 14 hours.  Therefore, this test is generally performed in the morning and can be done on site.

In addition to the blood work, fitness testing is performed.  These tests include: blood pressure, weight, hip and waist measurements, body composition, hydration level, strength, flexibility, a simple 3-minute step test, resting heart rate, and exercising heart rate.

The fitness testing can also be done on site and is set up in stations that clients rotate through. Additional tests can be added if desired such as treadmill testing, pulmonary testing, etc. These more advanced tests are performed at Parkview Adventist Medical Center.

Once the questionnaire is completed and the clinical data added, a final analysis is performed.  In general, the analysis provides 18 to 20 pages of individual information regarding risk of chronic disease, and ways to reduce risks.  It also provides information regarding the individual’s actual age versus a “health age.”  This is often a motivator to get individuals to take their health more seriously and to participate in appropriate risk reduction activities, such as exercise and weight control.

The PWP can be performed for individuals or businesses.  A business can receive a group analysis discussing health risk as a company or work unit. This allows employers to identify their major risk factors.  Parkview will then work with the employer to reduce those risks through various programming options such as weight control programs, stop smoking clinics, stress management classes, health and wellness talks and more.  Cost varies depending upon the number of employees participating and the desired components.

Call (207) 373-2162 for more information or to schedule an assessment.  You and your employees will be glad you did.

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