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Lifestyle Choices: A program for being well and living well


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Science is proving that exercise, in combination with a sound diet, can reverse many chronic diseases and can markedly reduce the use of medication in most illnesses.  Lifestyle Choices is especially valuable to anyone suffering from, or at high risk for developing these diseases.  It is also beneficial for anyone wanting to prevent illness and live a longer, more active and healthy life!  This course gives you the skills, rationale and support you need to start your journey toward healthy living.

Lifestyle Choices is a two-week program designed to give you the tools needed to live a healthier life.  The curriculum will inspire and inform you to make positive changes towards a healthier you.  The program is held 2-4 times a year during the Spring and Fall.

BerriesLifestyle Choices meets in the evening and includes:

  • Significant before and after testing including lab studies, fitness testing, body composition and more!  A strong emphasis on nutrition, physical activity, stress management and values clarification.
  • 3 meals each day. The evening meal is eaten with the group, while breakfast and lunch are sent home with all participants.
  • Lectures and programming by physicians.

Typical results include a decrease in: Dr. Timothy Howe 

  • Cholesterol by 30-50 points
  • LDL by 46 points
  • Triglycerides by 20 points
  • Weight by 7 pounds
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar


  • Strength and Flexibility
  • Energy
  • Sleeping Habits
  • Overall Well-being

For more information, call the Wellness Center at (207) 373-2162.

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